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I teach in-home caregivers and clinicians practical applications to improve the healing of bed sores, reduce skin breakdown, and improve quality of live for the ones they care for. 

Right now more and more families are taking on the responsibility of caring for their loved ones at home.  With the right resources and tools, it is possible to improve healing bed sores, reduce skin breakdown and improve quality of life for both the caregiver and their loves one.  With 15 years experience as a nurse, and a decade of educating nurses and physicians on wound prevention and treatment.  Tifanie brings  both compassion and straight-forward strategy to give in-home caregivers and clinicians what they need to feel confident in this important role.  The goal is to reduce caregiver stress at home to better enjoy quality time with their loved ones and feel less overwhelmed.

About Tifanie

Tifanie is a registered nurse and biologist with specialty certifications in wound and ostomy care. Over the past 15 years, she has worked in a variety of health care settings, spending the majority of her career educating fellow nursing and ancillary staff on pressure injury prevention, product selection and cost efficiency with wound and ostomy related issues.

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She has worked in multiple hospitals and wound centers on the east coast and as a travel nurse on both the east and west coast. Currently, Tifanie is working in her favorite setting, home health, spearheading a telehealth wound and ostomy program providing clinician to clinician consults in the patient home bringing remote expert wound care to patients in three states. Tifanie provides lectures to local colleges and universities, and community outreach education on these topics.


She has presented her work at multiple national conferences highlighting the value of home health wound experts related to improved patient outcomes. While she has always worked to advocate for best patient care, Tifanie considers herself a Nurse & Caregiver Advocate first and foremost and hopes to assist all caregivers in improving their confidence on skin related issues.

Tifanie Sbriscia

Tifanie's Talks

Caregiver Tools & Tips When Caring for Fragile Skin at Home 

Did you know, our skin is the largest organ we have! Caring for a loved one at home with fragile skin can be overwhelming and exhausting. Learn practical tools to use at home to improve the healing of bed sores, reduce skin breakdown and improve the quality of life for the caregiver and their loved one at home.


We will discuss: What does our skin do and why is it important, where can problems start and what to look for, and basic skin care for these areas and what to do to help.

Improve Clinician Confidence and Competence At the Bedside to Help Heal Pressure Injuries, Reduce Skin Breakdown and Improve Quality of Life for Patients and Clinicians

Let’s face it, working in healthcare is getting more difficult. Our patients are sicker and staffing isn’t exactly ideal. And for fragile patients, efficient and effective wound care is necessary (and important). Clinical staff will learn simple tools to implement and evaluate interventions and treatment plans to provide the best evidence-based practice for wound care patients.

Nursing Education Day
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Health Literacy related to Wound Care Management

  • Identify strategies to engage clinical staff in providing health literacy related to wound care self management

  • Recognize common learning gaps that impact low health literate patient’s ability to care for their wounds independently

  • Develop an appropriate wound care teaching plan designed specifically for a low health literate patient

Caring for the generations that mean the most to you.

Sharon M.

BSN, RN & Caregiver for her mother at home

I was able to attend Tifanie’s education at work on wound and ostomy care. She breaks down the information into simple steps on complicated topics. And she kept the class attention with added humor. Tifanie also helped me when I was caring for my mother’s skin at home, offering simple tricks all my siblings could understand.

Asia L.

Marketing Manager

I have been able to attend several of Tifanie’s sessions she presents to our staff. She is able to keep the audience engaged and interested while also bringing laughter and fun discussions. Our clinicians always enjoy attended her trainings.

Michele S.


Tifanie helped my family when our 90 year old mother was home and kept getting wounds on her skin. She was calm, professional and able to keep the information easy to understand. She would make our mom laugh when caring for her and made our life a lot easier.
Image by Robinson Recalde

I have had the pleasure of working with Tifanie on multiple occasions as an educator and colleague. She has always been able to assist our staff during difficult situations with complicated wounds. Her lectures provide helpful education to our nurses aides, nurses and residents to improve their confidence on wound and ostomy care.

Melissa S. 

Director of Nursing Education

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Smiling Portrait
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